Science in the 21st Century: Single Molecule Magnets

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Presenter: Naresh Dalal

Published: February 2009

Age: 22 and upwards

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Type: Lectures

Source/institution: FSU

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Single molecule magnets (SMMs) are compounds that possess very high-spin ground states and, in principle, should exhibit magnetic multi-stability at the molecular dimensions. The size of SMMs is on the nanometer scale, the so-called mesoscale. Hence they exhibit many novel properties, including the quantum tunneling of their magnetization (QTM), i.e. quantum behavior of a bulk property, whose underlying mechanism is still not fully understood. They also hold the potential for becoming elements of magnetic memory devices of molecular dimensions. During the past decades, our group has investigated several SMMs using the unique facilities for NMR, EPR and transport measurements at the National High Magnetic Field lab in Tallahassee. This talk provides a summary of our investigations and a discussion of some future challenges in this field. Feb 2009n