Geoset is a globally-created store of freely accessible, online educational material which is streamed, usually in a dual-window (presenter video/data) format. The initiative turns the traditional educational strategy on its head by involving individual teachers and researchers, who have a major commitment to promulgating specific educational material about which they are particularly passionate, rather than the traditional one which requires teachers to present a wide range of material.

GEOSET is a rapidly growing partnership of major academic educational institutions (mainly universities) each creating its own website and streaming its own material. Although much lecture material is available, the primary aim is the creation of material in specifically focused concept packages each of which can be readily located and easily accessed. New partnerships are constantly forming and academic institutions, as well individuals with a commitment to education, are encouraged to consider collaboration seriously.

This website is a searchable indexing system which gives access to the material streaming from the various nodes in the network. The reliability of the available material is guaranteed by the academic standards of the various contributing institutions. A secondary server, based at Sheffield, will host and stream presentations for accredited academic teachers who do not have access to their own streaming capability. In this case, new presentations will be vetted by their previously accredited users