UK research: building bridges, building prosperity

View UK research: building bridges, building prosperity

Presenter: Vince Cable

Published: December 2012

Age: 18-22 and upwards

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Type: Lectures

Source/institution: Royal Society

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World leading in quality and impact, UK research is helping us to identify new sources of energy for a more sustainable future and to seek cures for deadly and delibitating diseases.  New and profound insights allow us to unearth the secrets of our past, to design and build the cities of the future, and to contemplate what it means to be human.  The UK’s pre-eminence in research continues to transform the way we live. But the world is not standing still.  As the UK has built on its rich heritage of curiosity based inquiry and improved its performance in research and innovation, other countries have sought to do the same.  How can the UK maintain its global standing?  What are the conditions that favour excellence in research?  How can these advantages be harnessed to benefit the UK economy?

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