Targeting the human kinome: cancer drug discovery

View Targeting the human kinome: cancer drug discovery

Presenter: Nicholas Lydon

Published: September 2014

Age: 14-19 and upwards

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Tags: leukaemia;tumour;tumor;philadelphia;chromosome;abnormality

Type: Lectures

Source/institution: Royal Society

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This lecture discusses how the discovery of the Philadelphia chromosome provided the first example of a link between cancer and a recurrent genetic abnormality. This chromosomal translocation, which results in activation of the Abl protein kinase, represents the ÒdriverÓ mutation in CML. The discovery and development of Imatinib provides an early example of the potential of targeted therapy in genetically defined patient populations. Such personalized targeted therapies, if highly selective, may offer advantages such as enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity, and could be used in combination with other agents that independent target other cancer cell dependencies. Dr Nicholas Lydon is the founder of Granite Biopharma LLC