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Presenter: Annadanesh Shellikeri

Published: April 2015

Age: 18-22 and upwards

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Tags: battery

Type: Teaching modules

Source/institution: FSU

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It is hard to believe there was a time before batteries! Batteries and supercapacitors are at the heart of electric vehicles, portable devices (watches, laptops, mobile phones) and renewable resources like wind and solar, for energy storage. Better batteries translates into more energy, longer life & better efficiency.
Batteries have come a long way ever since Alessandro Volta put together the ‘Voltaic Pile’ and tremendous efforts are being made worldwide presently to make electric transportation and electric grid a reality. This presentation will describe some of the cutting edge technologies being applied in battery research at Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics & Energy Research Centre, FSU, and national High Magnetic Field Laboratory, FSU, Tallahassee, for making better energy storage devices, including in situ NMR spectroscopy, lithium air flow battery systems, development of low-cost electrode fabrication methods for large scale production, etc.

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